● Physical layer algorithm engineer
job requirements:
1. Graduated from an internationally renowned university in electrical engineering, with a doctoral degree
2. Proficient in digital communication and digital signal processing
3. Familiar with modulation and demodulation algorithms, transmitter and receiver baseband working principle
4. Have a good team spirit and be able to withstand the pressure of Silicon Valley startups
5. Priority: Experience with protocol standards such as LTE is a plus
description of job:
1. Physical layer baseband algorithm research and development
2.C and Matlab algorithm modeling and analysis, algorithm performance optimization on DSP
3. Track industry standards (3GPP, IEEE, etc.) and participate in standard proposals
4. Track the development of next-generation wireless communications and information processing technologies
● Sales manager/Sales engineer
Job Description: 
1. Responsible for managing the relationship between Xinyi and customers by establishing and cultivating relationships
2. Develop a clear understanding of Xinyi’s business practices including pricing, forecasting, T/Cs, Distribution and Business Code of Ethics 
3. Develop relationships with sales channels and engage resources in support of customers
4. Manage relationships between Xinyi and customers by establishing relationships with key individuals
5. Identify and develop new opportunities. Ensure that goals are consistent with our strategic direction of:
(1) maximizing the business over the short and long term and
(2) increasing the preference for Xinyi’s products
6. Responsible for meeting or exceeding assigned annual quotas and design win quotas in conjunction with the technical sales team
7. Communicate strategies to appropriate marketing and R&D to obtain required support and coordination 
8. Understand competitor's strengths and weaknesses relative to the appropriate technical strategy
1. IoT, communication or semiconductor background plus
2. Sales and Marketing Skills are required
3. Bachelors/Maters Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related; MBA preferred
4. Minimum of years of relevant sales/marketing experience: >=5 years 
5. Fluency in English and Mandarin is a must 
6. Be available to travel
● Digital verification engineer
job requirements:
1. Bachelor's or master's degree in electrical engineering, 2-5 years of ASIC/SoC verification experience, skilled use of UVM
2. Proficient in AMBA AHB/AXI/APB protocol, familiar with various common peripherals, such as I2C, UART, USB, etc.
3. Proficient in system Verilog and various Shell languages (Perl, csh, tcl, sh, etc)
4. Familiar with the design of HDL language, simulation tools and test platform, assembly language and C or C++, scripting language, etc.
5. Familiar with the microprocessor, DSP instruction set, and how to integrate the driver software into the SoC system
6. Experience in RTL design/modeling is preferred; experience in FPGA verification and chip verification is preferred
Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop various verification models and module-level verification components
2. Co-verification of MCU and RTL, including application software and firmware
3. FPGA verification and chip testing
● RF analog engineer
job requirements:
1. Excellent undergraduate master's degree
2. Solid analog RF circuit design basis
3. Designed the RF analog circuit in the wireless transceiver, with relevant tape experience
description of job:
1. Design RF analog circuit modules for various wireless communication chips, including but not limited to the following modules: LNA, Mixer, PA, ADC, DAC, PMU
2. Complete or assist layout engineers to complete high quality layout design
3. Assist application engineers to complete test tasks for related modules
● Financial Officer
Job description:
1. Fully responsible for the company's financial management work, reviewing the company's various expenses, audit vouchers, monthly and annual checkout and other daily work
2. Responsible for tax return, annual audit, settlement and payment, statistical statements
3. Responsible for coordinating relations with government departments such as taxation, industry and commerce, and banking
4. Responsible for financial related work in project declaration
5. Cooperate with the administrative department to handle part of the administrative work
6. Other matters for completing leadership arrangements
1. Bachelor degree, finance major, 5 years of accounting work experience, intermediate accountant qualification certificate priority, chip industry background priority
2. Skilled in using financial software, EXCEL forms, WORD documents, etc.
3. Have solid professional theoretical knowledge and good financial analysis skills
4. Have good conduct and learning ability, and have independent working ability
5. Have good communication skills, meticulous work and strong sense of responsibility
● Chip operations manager
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the production, packaging and testing of chip products, selecting and maintaining production, packaging and testing suppliers
2. Responsible for the production, packaging and testing of the product to ensure the delivery of the product on time;
3. Responsible for the monitoring and improvement of product yield, coordinate research and development, suppliers and other related resources to implement process improvement to ensure product quality
4. Responsible for controlling the production, packaging and testing costs of the product
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, electronic engineering, computer or microelectronics; more than 8 years working experience
2. Has more than 5 years of relevant work experience in the chip industry
3. Familiar with knowledge of process, packaging, testing, etc.
4. Have good communication skills and analytical skills; work meticulously and with strong sense of responsibility
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